The Numbers In Strengths

Remember the old saying, “there’s strength is numbers?” Now there is new data about Gallup’s StrengthsFinder showing you the numbers behind your strengths, assuming your organization hasn’t squandered the opportunity.

DON’T Show Them The Money?!

Attracting and retaining your new, young hires isn’t just about money! Gens Y and Z are seeking work cultures that “fit” them, a sense of purpose in what they’re doing, and schedule flexibility. Here’s February’s FaithLeadServe to help!

Take This Job and Shove It?

Sure, there are many good reasons to change jobs in 2018, but there are likely an equal number of reasons to stay put. Here are some tips on thinking through your exit-strategy.

What If Less Is More?

What many of us wouldn’t give this holiday for less bickering and negativity, whether on social media or across the political landscape. So, what if less WAS more? See what you think on this holiday edition of FaithLeadServe.

The ABCs of Gens Y&Z

In spite of all the self-proclaimed generational experts, how much do you really know about the two youngest generations, Gens Y and Z?  Some stereotypes are being broken as these two groups take over by the year 2020.

The Classroom Battleground

With the school year upon us, and with all that’s happened since Charlottesville, our college and high school classrooms may actually be the more important battleground for our country’s future.

Time For Change

If you or your organization are charting a new course, those waters might prove treacherous if you or your management don’t budget time, patience, and incredible focus. Resistance to Change (Dr. John Kotter) Why Change Is So Hard (Gallup)

Social Media: What’s All The Fuss!?

I’m a big believer in social media as one of your communication channels, but doing social media well takes time and training, and it should never replace good, old-fashioned, face-to-face relationship-building and sales.

Rules Of Engagement

I doubt many of you remember the CBS sitcom by that same name, running on-air from 2007 to 2013, with roughly 100 episodes. The show was the handiwork of Adam Sandler’s production company, and although episodes were charming at times, Rules of Engagement had poor reviews throughout its run. Critics…

Can You (Kindly) Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?

This first installment of FaithLeadServe for 2017 takes us back to a neighborhood most all of us are familiar with, a place where it’s always a “sunny day,” the clouds are swept away, and the air is sweet…Sesame Street! However, as the show’s 47th TV season begins, there’s a lesson…