QCS Defined…With Strings Attached…To A Giraffe

I’ve spent so many years touting the attributes of “QCS,” even helping shape entire organizations and their service cultures around the concept, it never occurred to me to actually “define it” for folks outside those experiences. So, good to my word to make this blog “short, sweet,” and at times multimedia in nature, and with the help of Fourth Wall Productions, here you go. Oh, and follow the giraffe!

Again, the three distinctive variables to QCS, Quality Customer Service, are:

  • Understanding “excellence” in your organization, perhaps as you’ve benchmarked it in others.
  • Understanding what your customers, internally (co-workers are “customers” too!) or externally expect, then EXCEEDING that expectation in some way, and…
  • Making the interaction around the product or service “an experience.”

The folks at Ritz-Carlton actually have their own blogs on some of this, so explore as you do some homework.

Finally, let me once again both encourage and challenge you on these foundational guidelines:

  1. Make sure your “front-of-house” hires have a high EQ (emotional intelligence) to warrant them being customer-facing.
  2. Train and on-board them for QCS beyond some online portal, video, or three-ring binder, and…
  3. Enable and empower them to ACT on the customer’s behalf, in real-time, when the customer’s need presents itself. Yes, this takes a different breed of manager/leader (opposite of micro-managing), but it can be done.

With thanks again to Fourth Wall, I hope YOUR “giraffe” made it home safely from this past summer’s vacation.

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  1. Sweet! Lovin’ it! Thanks for the inspiration booster!

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