DON’T Show Them The Money?!

Attracting and retaining your new, young hires isn’t just about money! Gens Y and Z are seeking work cultures that “fit” them, a sense of purpose in what they’re doing, and schedule flexibility. Here’s February’s FaithLeadServe to help!

The ABCs of Gens Y&Z

In spite of all the self-proclaimed generational experts, how much do you really know about the two youngest generations, Gens Y and Z?  Some stereotypes are being broken as these two groups take over by the year 2020.

Faith Of Our Fathers?

Church attendance continues to decline across the country, like it has for the last two decades, but Millennials appear to be the generation putting the most distance between themselves and the church.   Additional Resources 1. Millennials continue to leave the church. (Pew Research Center) 2. Why are Millennials leaving…