The Soup Counts!


I grew up in a “soup-and-sandwich-for-lunch” house as a kid. Regardless of the season, soups and chili were lunchtime staples growing up. I still head to our coffee shop here on campus to have a cup-of-soup, almost daily. Fans of the Seinfeld TV series also likely remember “The Soup” episode from November 1994.  Annoying Kenny Bania trades Jerry an Armani suit for dinner-out at Mendy’s, only to have Bania order “just soup,” thereby delaying the transaction to another uncomfortable dinner date with Kenny. Of course, a good portion of that episode centered on whether soup constituted “a meal.”

Well, I’ve toyed with writing a book over the years and even contributed to other authors’ publications during that time — three different books in all. In fact, somewhere deep in the back closet of my campus office, there are four chapters of my unfinished manuscript , “The New Peter Principle.” I may take another crack at that one someday, but that feels more like a retirement project, right?  Although there are literally millions of blogs and thousands of bloggers out there, students and some colleagues have encouraged me to start one, largely based on my social media posts.

So, welcome to, a multimedia microblog of sorts, where posts will tend to be shorter, visual, and sometimes video-based.

Analogous to a book I’m not likely to finish writing — one you’re unlikely to read anyway — being a “meal,” this blog is your “soup.”

What kind of soup? will stay relatively close to people, places and situations I’ve researched and experienced over the years, posts having to deal with issues of leadership development, customer service, servant leadership, public relations, marketing, change-management and, yes, even spirituality.

To be clear, I could not have launched this project without the help of Wartburg Journalism and Communication student Nathan Ford. I also learned from him, serving as his “lab rat” as part of a May Term Multimedia Journalism course. For those of you who may not know him yet, Nate manages Wartburg’s award-winning online publication called The Circuit.

So, back to the meal-at-hand, perhaps this blog is like vegetable soup, a variety of favorite ingredients [leaving out the ones you don’t care for or can’t find in the fridge], all stirred and seasoned-to-taste. My goal is to leave the storytelling to the subjects of the posts, curating others’ content along the way, too.  After all, with nearly 300,000 new book titles or editions published each year in the U.S. alone, so few truly blaze new trails.

So, a blog it is — “the soup counts”; the soup is the meal. I don’t know how frequently I’ll post, but I pledge to do my best to make interesting and worth sharing with others. Bon appetite!


2 thoughts on “The Soup Counts!”

  1. Heath Rost says:

    Very much looking forward to your posts Bill!

  2. Nancy Zmolek says:

    Intrigued Bill.

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