Trouble With The Curve


I loved that Clint Eastwood movie from a couple of years ago, Trouble with the Curve, the story of a sight-impaired baseball scout at the end of his career, traveling with his daughter on one last recruiting trip. I also remember the highly touted recruit, Bo Gentry, who had trouble hitting curve balls in that final scene at the ballpark.

My son, Andrew, is a college pitcher with a couple of decent breaking pitches, including a curveball. It’s fascinating how many have trouble with the curve, including many of the organizations where we work and serve, and more importantly, their managers and leaders. That is the subject of this month’s video-post, the S-Curve, and how change and innovation are so critical to our organizations’ long-term growth and sustainability.

Additional Resources

Harvard’s Dr. John Kotter is regarded by many as a top authority on change-management and leadership. Kotter International has many valuable resources where you can learn more about what it takes to lead change.


The late Dr. Everett Rogers originated Diffusion of Innovation Theory, one of the oldest social science theories that categorizes our willingness and ability to adapt to change (or adopt innovations), all depending on variables such as awareness and interest in moving forward.

And, finally, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross published her seminal work on Death and Dying in 1969, basing it on her experiences with terminally ill patients and the varied psychological stages they went through. Since that time, it has been widely recognized that individuals go through similar stages when faced with changes at their workplace.


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