Why Hawaiian?

bill_hawaii1So, what’s with the Hawaiian shirts?

One of my favorite Iowa writers is Chuck Offenburger, who, still to this day, has black and white saddle shoes as his signature apparel item; perhaps he was my fashion muse.

I never thought too much about it until I was invited to present a few times at an international business conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, where of course, “Aloha Shirts” are common business attire. I just fell in love with the beautiful designs and radiant colors, and now I wear them until Iowa winters force me into flannel shirts, which is another trademark shirt for me. 

I lived a life in dress shirts, sport coats and ties years ago and this is far more fun.

Bottom Line: I believe in being comfortable and being myself, and as an Iowan, trust me, these shirts do make me stand out a bit (ha,ha)!

As the islanders would say about my affection for the shirts, “Aloha nui loa.”